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Visit The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Cincinnati is a city rich with history. The city illustrates important events and movements throughout American history with a number of impressive historic sites and landmarks. One of these incredibly educational landmarks is located right on the banks of the Ohio River in beautiful downtown Cincinnati.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center opened in 2004 and strives to fulfill its mission to educate the public regarding the challenges that our nation has faced during the fight for freedom. It shares the inspirational stories of heroes who bravely fought for their beliefs and teaches visitors how lessons learned during the underground railroad era have affected freedom fighters today.

Visitors can explore a wide variety of exhibits highlighting notable aspects of slavery through the use of film, photography, and artifacts. Both permanent and traveling exhibits paint a vivid picture of the treatment of slaves throughout history and the hidden world of contemporary slavery that many didn’t even know existed. Current exhibits include Mandela: The Journey to Ubuntu and From Slavery to Freedom, among many others.

Mandela: The Journey to Ubuntu follows Nelson Mandela’s incredible journey from a humble boy to a brave man whose desire for justice, equality, and freedom left a permanent mark on an entire nation. Photographs by Matthew Willman commemorate numerous places that played a pivotal role in Mandela’s life. Visitors get an up-close-and-personal look at Mvezo Village, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Robben Island, along with personal artifacts loaned to the museum from The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

From Slavery to Freedom gives visitors a closer look at slavery in America. Three centuries of slaves are portrayed, and visitors will learn how and why they were brought to America and how they were treated. This exhibit spans the time period from the beginnings of slavery in America to the end of the Civil War.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is open Monday-Saturday from 11am-5pm. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about this admirable museum and other historic places to visit in Cincinnati.


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