Sign-Up for the Subway Redlegs Run

Sign-Up for the Subway Redlegs Run
This June, come to the Great American Ballpark for the Subway Redlegs Run.

Getting fit for the spring and summer is not only good for your body and self esteem, but you can look good out there on in your new swimsuit at The Drexel’s pool.  The fact that you used your apartment fitness center to tone your body is a plus.

One way for you to put that toned body to good use is to take part in the June 2nd Subway Redlegs Run.  Besides being able to see some friends and neighbors at the Great American Ballpark, you will be helping out the Reds Community Fund which does such wonderful work for area people in need.

Here is a thought, why not take some of your friends from you apartment fitness center and register as a group.  You can invite your kids to come along as well because there are several course lengths available.

The course lengths range from the Gapper’s Kids Fun Run to the One-Mile Family Run, and all the way up to the 5 K and 10 K courses. Even though all of the courses range in length, they will also begin at the Great American Ball Park between 8 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.

There will be all kinds of wonderful prizes and other fun activities so come down on June 2nd and have some fun at the 11th anniversary run!

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