Getting good reads at one of the most popular Cincinnati bookstores.

Get Your Favorite Reads at These Cincinnati Bookstores

Are you an avid reader? We firmly believe there’s never a bad time to check out new bookstores. That said, summer is a great season for exploring locations you’ve never visited before. You don’t have to worry about slick roads or getting stuck in a snowstorm. Below, we’ve made a list of our favorite Cincinnati bookstores to enjoy this summer!

Joseph-Beth Booksellers

This popular bookstore is also a friendly gathering place and an integral part of community life. Joseph-Beth Booksellers is dedicated to providing the people of Cincinnati with engaging reading materials.

Far from being just a bookseller, it also donates thousands of dollars to local charities. Looking for the latest beach read? The bookstore carries all of the newest releases. It also has a full itinerary of events to keep you busy throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a book signing by your favorite author or a daily storytime event for your little ones, Joseph-Beth won’t disappoint!

Duttenhofer’s Books

On the hunt for a particular read but don’t want to pay the new book price for it? Why not try Duttenhofer’s Books? This bookstore specializes in used books, and with its affordable pricing and extensive inventory, you’re sure to find some great reads!

Presently, the store has roughly 7,000 books listed online, many of which are available in-store. However, the store also offers thousands of books in-store that aren’t listed online.

Did you know that Duttenhofer’s purchases used books from patrons? Consider selling your finished reads to the store! Just be aware that the store won’t accept certain types of books, such as old textbooks, paperback romances, and library discards.

The Friends‘ Used Bookstore at the Warehouse

Looking for a way to support your local library while simultaneously filling up your home library? If so, check out the Friend’s Used Bookstore at the Warehouse! The Friends of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County run the bookstore, and all of the proceeds go to support the library.

By selling old library books instead of throwing them away, the bookstore is also basing its operations on a sustainable business model.

All in all, these Cincinnati bookstores offer wonderful selections of books for all tastes and preferences.

That said, Cincinnati is full of fantastic bookstores, and the above are only the tip of the iceberg! Want to access great reads within walking distance? Check out The Drexel at Oakley and contact us today to set up a personalized tour of our gorgeously landscaped grounds! We’d love to talk more about the neighborhood while you are here.

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