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Enjoy Coffee & Beer at Bean & Barley

Coffee and beer share similar flavor notes. Most people who like one beverage like the other. Now, there is a place where you can enjoy both high-quality coffee and delicious craft beer: Bean & Barley.

About Bean & Barley

Bean & Barley is a new cafe and bar located a few minutes from The Drexel at Oakley. The owners created the place to serve as a gathering spot and a cornerstone of the neighborhood.

With an indoor bar, a rooftop patio, side patio, and an outdoor beer garden that’s still under construction, it’s a place where you can hang out and get a little work done on your laptop, play cards with friends, and even meet new people.

Dogs are welcome on the patio, too. The Wi-Fi is fast, and you won’t feel guilty staying a while because there is plenty of space.

Food & Beverages

Bean & Barley works with some of the finest coffee roasters, including Deeper Roots, Boston Stoker, and Luck Bros. You can order any traditional espresso drink, from a latte to a cortado. They also offer specialty flavored coffees, cold brew on nitro, and loose-leaf tea.

Later in the day, you might feel like a beer. Choose a creation from March First Brewing, Mad Moon, Rhinegeist Brewery, or another local brewery. On Wednesdays, they offer $4 select pints!

Although they don’t have an extensive food menu, they do offer some simple and delicious items that could make a light breakfast or lunch. Enjoy a quiche, cinnamon roll, slice of pie, or a blueberry muffin. They’ll gladly toast or warm up any of their baked goods upon request.

Learn More About Bean and Barley

Bean & Barley is located at 2005 Madison Rd. in Cincinnati. They’re open 6:15 a.m. – 10:15 p.m. Monday – Friday, and 7:15 a.m. – 10:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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