Clean Your Car with these Helpful Tips

Clean Your Car with these Helpful Tips Throughout the week, our cars go through wear and tear that most devices wouldn’t be able to handle. Luckily, our tough vehicles can bear the work, but they can become dirty as soon as the pollen begins to disperse at the beginning of spring. And, lest we forget, the rock salt after a long winter can tarnish your vehicle as well.

Cleaning up your car is just as important as cleaning up your apartment, especially if the interior of your car is full of crumbles and clutter from the week! Here are some simple tips that will help you keep the interior of your car clean:

  • Try to keep your clutter at a minimum, and teach your kids to be responsible about their trash (i.e. bags, cups, food and litter)
  • Always wipe your feet before you enter your car.
  • If you’re on the run, or heading to work, avoid eating in your car. This should help you avoid a smelly car while at the same time reducing unnecessary litter.
  • Carry a white, non-gel toothpaste in your car, as it will help you scrub out lipstick, ketchup and ink stains.
  • Keep an emergency kit handy to help you deal with spills and messes.

Maintaining a clean car can be a hassle, but it is definitely feasible. This spring, prepare a kit to keep you car clean and hygienic throughout the year.

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