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Ready to Escape Reality? Your Wish Is Granted at Breakout Games

Escape rooms have become very popular recently and one of the top-rated venues, Breakout Games, is less than a mile from The Drexel at Oakley Apartments. Escape rooms are really exciting and a fantastic place to go for a date, to celebrate birthdays, or do some team building with co-workers. With five different rooms to choose from, you can have many different adventures.

What to expect

Although each storyline is different, the concept is the same. You’ll be put into a themed room with 1-7 other people and have an hour to solve puzzles, find clues, and crack codes.

Traditionally, rooms could be filled by anyone who wanted to reserve that time slot as long as there was a vacancy. At Breakout Games, all rooms are now private meaning you’ll only be put in there with people you know who reserve the same time slot as you.

You and your team will work together to “escape” the room before time runs out. Don’t worry about getting stuck on a clue; each room has a “game master” who can help when you ask.

At the end of the allotted time, you’ll take a picture either celebrating your success or announcing your failure. It’s all in good fun! If you’re successful, you’ll also get a bumper sticker to proudly display on your car.

Choose your adventure

You can check out promotional videos on the Breakout Games website so you have an idea of the themes. In Runaway Train, you’re trying to stop the train and rescue the passengers before the explosives detonate. Do Not Disturb has you tracking down a kidnapper and saving his victims before you become one.

If you choose Mystery Mansion, you’ll be working to unlock the secrets of an abandoned old mansion. The Kidnapping is stressful because you’ll start out blindfolded and handcuffed to a bed. You’ll have to work to free everyone before the kidnapper returns. Finally, the Operation: Casino room centers around espionage and aliases. No matter which room you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an adrenaline filled good time!

And just so you know, the West Chester location has three other rooms to choose from; it’s only a 25-minute drive away from The Drexel at Oakley.


Reserving at Breakout Games is easy! Simply go to their website, choose a date and time, and then select your room. Or, choose a room and then choose a date and time. You’ll have to pay ahead of time, but if something comes up and you have to reschedule, just give them a call.

Breakout Games is just one of the many exciting attractions within a few minutes of The Drexel at Oakley Apartments. You’ll love the layouts and the fantastic amenities in our community. We’re conveniently located near shopping, restaurants, a movie theater, and more.

So if you’re looking for a new place to call home in the Cincinnati area, contact us for a tour.

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