A WW2 fighter plane at a museum in Cincinnati.

3 Free Must-Visit Museums in Cincinnati, Ohio

You probably know that Cincinnati is home to world-class museums that showcase exquisite contemporary art exhibits and cultural artifacts. However, did you know that some of these museums also offer free admission? If you’re a history enthusiast, be sure to include these museums in Cincinnati in your fall itinerary.

Cincinnati Skirball Museum

Visitors of the Cincinnati Skirball Museum will find one of the oldest collections of Jewish cultural artifacts in America. These include archaeological materials from biblical times, Jewish ceremonial art, and photographs spanning over 4,000 years of Jewish culture.

Equally important, the core exhibit, An Eternal People: The Jewish Experience, is made up of galleries that portray the historical, cultural, and religious heritage of the Jewish people. Meanwhile, upcoming exhibitions will include works by some of the most celebrated Israeli artists in modern times.

For the month of September, you’ll see the shofar in a prominent area of the museum. The shofar is the horn of any animal that was ritually acceptable during biblical times. In ancient Israel, the Jews generally used the shofar to announce important days, such as Sabbaths and feast days.

Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society & Museum

The Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society & Museum is dedicated to collecting, restoring, preserving, and displaying aviation artifacts relating to Ohio and the Cincinnati Tri-State.

You’ll find the museum at the Lunken Municipal Airport’s Art Deco terminal.

Visitors of the museum will learn about the history of the Lunken Airport and other surrounding airports in Ohio. There are various photographs, memorabilia, medals, uniforms, trophies, and model aircraft on display for all to enjoy.

German Heritage Museum

The German Heritage Museum is unquestionably the first of its kind in the region. It focuses on highlighting the history of German-Americans in the Greater Cincinnati area. All things considered, the region is still one of the largest German-American communities in America. Visitors can browse photographs, plaques, books, jewelry, and other memorabilia to learn how Germans settled in Cincinnati. 

All in all, these museums in Cincinnati highlight the important contributions of diverse cultures to the region.

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