lucky cat statue beckoning

Visit the Lucky Cat Museum in Downtown Cincinnati

Do you love it when Japanese and Chinese restaurants have one of those friendly cat statues waving at you to come on in? One Cincinnati woman loves them so much she’s created a whole museum! At the Lucky Cat Museum, you can be greeted by more than 700 beckoning felines. Background on the Lucky Cat Museum […]

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Happy couple enjoying one of the best milkshakes in Cincinnati

Where to Find the Best Milkshakes in Cincinnati

Did you know that the first reference to milkshakes dates back to 1885? In fact, whiskey was listed as one of the main ingredients! While you won’t find it in the milkshakes at the following destinations, you’re sure to still enjoy some of the best milkshakes in Cincinnati! Putz’s Creamery Whip When Constantine and Anna Putz began […]

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