Tips on Staying Cool during the Heat Wave

Bright Sun
Use these simple tips to remain cool and healthy during these last few months of summer.

In the past week a heat wave has struck many areas of the country. The heat wave has struck the Southeast, Midwest and many other regions of the nation. Cincinnati unfortunately has not been unscathed during this heat wave, with heat indexes that range between 105 and 110 degrees. During this period of extremely hot weather, it is important to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Below is a list of a few easy ways to stay cool through the remainder of this blistering summer.

  • Make sure to eat light, well-balanced meals throughout the day. Heavier meals tend to bog you down in the excruciating heat, so make sure to stick to salads, refresing fruits and lighter menu items.
  • Before heading outside, make it a priority to wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Clothing made out of material such as cotton will help to keep you cool and comfortable under the intense summer sun.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help regulate your core body temperature. Remaining hydrated will  help to keep you cool and healthy throughout the summer months.
  • Attempt to park your car in the shade whenever you leave the house. When you go to work, or the store, try to park your car in the shade to avoid having to sit in an extremely hot vehicle.
  • Parents and relatives should be informed about the warning signs of heat overexposure. Children enjoy playing outside all times of the year, so make sure you know the warning signs of heat overexposure such as headaches, pale skin, nausea and muscle cramps.

Use these simple tips to help remain cool in these last few months of summer. The heat wave is a finite event, but you should make sure to stay cool to ensure your physical and mental well-being for the rest of summer.

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