Tips for Living a Greener Life

Start living greener this Earth Day!

Being greener doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up how you live your day-to-day life.  To start being greener, all you have to do is become a little more environmentally conscious.  There are plenty of simple, cheap (or FREE) tweaks that you can do to help the environment.

In honor of Earth Day, Metromix Cincinnati has supplied a guide with five easy tips to help you be more green, and possibly help you save some money.

For starters, unplug/turn off/turn down stuff: if you’re not using your computer or T.V. or the lights in your room, then turn them off.  If your iPod or cell phone’s finish charging, the unplug it.  Think of the money you could be saving on your electric bill, and this change will come easily.

Grocery bags: Unless you’ve got an alternative reason for having several grocery bags (they make good garbage bags), bring a bag from home or buy one of the $1 bags available at the major grocery stores.  This limits the amount of plastic going into landfills.

Water: If you’ve got a leaky faucet, fix it.  Don’t wash your dishes in the sink or put your clothes into a washing machine until you’ve got a full load.  Stop taking baths and take showers instead.  All these things can cut back on water use, optimize the water being used, and save you some money on your water bill.

The ride: Using public transportation, riding a bike, or walking are good alternatives to driving, but they’re not always easy options for people that need to get to work or school.  Consider carpooling with a friend, and make sure that your tires are properly inflated to get the most MPG out of your car.  Also, be aware of how much you speed up, as opposed to how often you stay at the same speed.  Vehicles use more gas to accelerate than they do to maintain a steady pace.

Get dirty: If you’re growing your own herbs or vegetables, then you’ve got less of a reason to go to the grocery store for veggies.  This could save you time and money.  Also look into creating compost from your garbage.  You’d be surprised at what you’re throwing away that’s also not only biodegradable, but also enriching for the soil.

Photo courtesy of duboix.

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