Take a Food Tour of Queen City this Mother’s Day

Take a Food Tour of Queen City this Mother's Day
Sample the food around town on a Queen City Food Tour.

Your mom may have cooked everything just right for you and maybe you have no complaints. Of course now that you’re out on your own living at the Drexel at Oakley, you probably don’t get mom’s home cooked meals as much as you would like.

If mom’s going to be in town this year on Mother’s Day, why not hit up one of these amazing Cincinnati food tours? No need to put yourself through all that drama of who is going to cook what and for whom on Mother’s Day, when you’re out exploring Cincy’s best eateries. Why not just take a food tour this Mother’s Day with the Flavors of the Queen City.

The Queen City Food Tour is always changing and always exciting. Participants of the tour will take on Cincinnati’s rich culinary traditions and the food that they taste will challenge and even upend some long held assumptions about the food in this city.

The experience involves many of the best restaurants in the area. You will sample the flavors of some world renown chefs as well as taste the food from some as yet undiscovered, soon-to-be-recognized talents.

Amazing entrees, decadent desserts, all with you and your mom this Mother’s Day. Make your reservations now and enjoy the flavors you’ll find!

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