romantic dinner near The Drexel at Oakley

Have a Romantic Dinner Near The Drexel at Oakley

The Drexel at Oakley is conveniently located close to attractions in downtown Cincinnati. You’ll also find exciting neighborhoods and nearby suburbs. Don’t forget about the countless shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues for your enjoyment! With a whole year of special occasions ahead of you, we thought we’d highlight some of the upscale options when you […]

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Healthy Eating Near Cincinnati

The Best Spots for Healthy Eating Near Cincinnati

Looking for ways to eat healthier? It shouldn’t be a struggle. Luckily, Cincinnati makes it easy! In fact, there are plenty of hot spots for healthy eating near Cincinnati where you’ll find nourishing meals throughout the week. First Watch: The Daytime Cafe With multiple locations in the Cincinnati area, you’re sure to find one of […]

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Spots in Oakley

Spend a Day at these Can’t-Miss Spots in Oakley

In Cincinnati, you don’t have to look far for entertainment. Whether you’re into amusement parks, rural activities or nightlife, this city has it all. The neighborhood of Oakley is no exception. With so many places to see and be seen, you may have trouble deciding where to go! Here are our recommendations for those can’t-miss […]

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