Happy couple enjoying one of the best milkshakes in Cincinnati

Where to Find the Best Milkshakes in Cincinnati

Did you know that the first reference to milkshakes dates back to 1885? In fact, whiskey was listed as one of the main ingredients! While you won’t find it in the milkshakes at the following destinations, you’re sure to still enjoy some of the best milkshakes in Cincinnati! Putz’s Creamery Whip When Constantine and Anna Putz began […]

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Best Places to Eat Lunch Near The Drexel at Oakely

Living near Downtown Cincinnati certainly has its appeal. If you enjoy dining out for lunch, you have plenty of delicious cafe spots at your disposal. Head on over to Downtown, not far from The Drexel at Oakely, to enjoy these delightful eateries. 1. Uncle Mo’s Cafe – 203 East 7th Street Uncle Mo’s is known […]

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Enjoy a Warm Drink at Coffee Emporium Near Your Drexel Apartment

A good cup of Joe isn’t hard to find in this city. One of the coolest coffee shops in Cincinnati is the Coffee Emporium. You can buy coffee beans, tea, and baked goods. This establishment has several locations and gets artisan roasted brews from all over the world. Enjoy a warm drink not far from your […]

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