Popular Pet-Friendly Locales in Cincinnati

Popular Pet-Friendly Locales in Cincinnati
Bring your pooch to one of these pet-friendly locales around town.

When you live in a pet-friendly apartment like The Drexel in Cincinnati, you probably feel like you scored a double goal by finding an apartment suited for you and your four-legged companion.  In fact, pet owners have all sorts of opportunities to take their pets to many attractions, events, as well as parks across Great Cincinnati. Listed below are just a few of the pet-friendly locales around town.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is one cool venue for apartment dog owners.  It is a remarkable Rails-to Trails location that accommodates both you and your pet’s need for healthy exercise. You can find the entrance and beginning of this pet-friendly trail at the intersection of Wooster Pike and Newtown Road in Cincinnati.

If you’re looking for more ways to get outdoors, head on over to the Red Dog Park located on 5081 Madison Road. This is a fun spot to bring your dog for great walk. And, it’s right down the road from The Drexel.

When you leave your apartment for a good meal, there are some excellent dog-friendly restaurants that your pet can join you at.  The Alreddy Coffee & Café and Indigo’s Casual Gourmet Café are just two of several eateries that will allow a patron and their leashed pet to join them for a memorable meal.

When you’re milling around the apartment this weekend, get out and about with your pet at one or all of these pet-friendly locations around town.

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