group of friends enjoying the best golf courses in Cincinnati

Tee Off at One of the Best Golf Courses Around Cincinnati

Did you know that until the mid-19th century, golf balls were typically made of boiled feathers? They were stuffed into a pouch and sewn into the shape of a ball. Today, the core is usually made of rubber, and Americans spend around $600 million on golf balls every year. If you would like to play a round of […]

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young woman shopping in the clifton gaslight district in cincinnati

Explore Cincinnati: Clifton Gaslight District

Known as the “City of Seven Hills”, Cincinnati is set along the north bank of the Ohio River and is made up of a sloping terrain throughout the city. Within these hills and valleys are the many diverse and lively neighborhoods that make up the city. Atop of these famed hills sits one of Cincinnati’s […]

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Where to Find the Best Cocktails in Cincinnati

Do you love meeting up with friends for cocktails? Of course you do! If you’re looking for the best cocktails in Cincinnati, you don’t have to search far from your home at The Drexel at Oakley. You’ll find exotic, great-tasting drinks at nearby restaurants and bars to gather with friends for a fun evening out. In […]

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