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Weekly Auctions at Main Auction Galleries in Cincinnati

Are you curious about what goes on at a live auction? Perhaps you think they’re only for art experts or the super wealthy. Well, anyone can enjoy the experience, and you might wind up with a bargain on an item you’ll love. When you live in Cincinnati, it’s especially easy. Main Auction Galleries has weekly auctions at their downtown shop so you could make a day of it or just stop by during your lunch hour. You don’t even have to buy anything to eat the free pizza!

About Main Auction Galleries

The current owner Jonas Karp is the fifth generation at this family-owned gallery. In fact, they’re the oldest auction house west of the Alleghenies. You’ll find a wide range of goods from major fine art and decorative art to furniture and household items.

In addition to the weekly auctions, they also have specialty and catalogue auctions throughout the year.

Attending the Weekly Auctions

The weekly auctions are hosted every Tuesday starting at 10:30 a.m. The crowd usually includes serious buyers and plenty of people who just like to look. Unlike what you may have seen in the movies, you’re in no danger of winding up with a grandfather clock because you scratched your nose accidentally.

If you do decide to bid, you’ll want to examine items in advance to evaluate their condition for yourself. It’s also a good idea to decide your maximum budget before you start bidding so you don’t get carried away in the excitement.

Finally, you might want to watch some live auctions online so you’ll know what to expect. Have fun!

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