American style pub food at Arthur's Cafe.

Enjoy Amazing Pub-Style Food At Arthur’s Cafe

Arthur’s Cafe is the pinnacle of pub-style chic, boasting a warm, inviting atmosphere and mouthwatering classic pub fare. It also has a rich history to boot! Arthur’s Cafe, founded in 1947, was originally named the Allen E. Bradford Restaurant. It didn’t evolve into Arthur’s Cafe until the 1970s. 

The Menu at Arthur’s Cafe

The menu offers a great selection of delicious American style fare. From innovative sandwiches, like the grilled gouda cheese stuffed with provolone, bacon, and tomato, to the Original Arthur’s Burger, this cafe will surely satisfy all your needs. 

What’s more, the cafe also offers a vegan black bean burger plus a turkey burger for those who prefer eating less red meat!

Additionally, while many restaurants serve only basic club salads, Arthur’s Cafe offers a wide range of delicious salads. Try the Greek salad featuring green olives, feta cheese, and banana peppers tossed in a tangy balsamic dressing! You may also enjoy the fried chicken salad, featuring bite-sized pieces of fried chicken with Romaine lettuce, two kinds of cheese, tomatoes, and eggs. Many salads are served with a delicious baguette.

Finally, be sure to combine any of the wide selection of burgers with specialty cheeses and gourmet toppings like fried eggs, avocado, and roasted red peppers.

The Atmosphere 

Walking into the restaurant is an experience in itself. The exterior is modestly decorated with a neon sign on the window. Meanwhile, the interior is reminiscent of a retro “mom and pop” diner. It’s illuminated by ambient lighting and decorated with dark furniture and lively murals on the walls.

The bar is the perfect setting for a casual get-together. On Tuesdays, you can even swing by and enjoy a fun game of Trivia while dining.

If you think Arthur’s Cafe sounds like a dream dining establishment, we agree. However, that’s not all. Did you know that Arthur’s Cafe is located just 20 minutes away from The Drexel at Oakley? According to Google Maps, it’s precisely a 3-minute drive to the restaurant! 

All in all, Arthur’s Cafe could be a potentially satisfying end to a busy day. Just think about how much you’d enjoy winding down with a juicy burger while enjoying the gorgeous view of a sunset at Hyde Park.

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