Global cuisine in Cincinnati.

Enjoy Delicious Global Cuisine in Cincinnati, Ohio

While Cincinnati has certainly distinguished itself with its iconic style of chili, it also offers an incredible selection of globally-inspired cuisine. With everything from Senegalese to Mexican, there are endless possibilities when it comes to ethnic foods in Cincinnati. For those looking to savor unique fare, check out these destinations for global cuisine in Cincinnati.

Fortune Noodle House

Located in the bustling Clifton Heights area, Fortune Noodle House is an area favorite. Known for its hand-pulled noodles, this popular restaurant prides itself on authentic techniques that date back thousands of years.

The expansive menu includes customer favorites such as sliced pork with mashed garlic and shredded potato fried rice. The hand-pulled noodles, however, are the star of the show. Selections include beef stew noodle with bok choy and pan-fried hand-pulled noodle with either chicken, seafood, beef, pork, or veggies.

Be sure to try the delicious appetizers and chili/ clay pot dishes. Vegetarians will be happy to know that the restaurant offers a nice selection of plant-based dishes, such as home-style tofu, salt & pepper soft tofu, and eggplant with garlic sauce.

Maize Arepas and Bar

Making its home in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Maize delivers the unique flavors of Venezuela to all who visit. Spacious and charming, Maize uses bright blue accents to light up its brick-lined walls.

The menu is loaded with options and includes house specialties such as adobo-spiced chicharrones de Pollo (crispy chicken bites) and the hearty Asado negro de Costilla de Res (Venezuelan short rib roast). Be sure to try the delicious empanadas (savory pastries), arepas, and cachapas. The latter two are types of corn pancakes eaten with a variety of fillings.

Pho Lang Thang

Another Over-the-Rhine hotspot, Pho Lang Thang is located at Findlay Market. Perfect for dine-in or take out, Pho Lang Thang has eye-catching decor and a casual vibe.

The base of the homemade pho is either a meat or vegetable broth. For example, the signature Pho Bò with Tái boasts a beef broth while the Pho Chay with Nấm has a vegan broth. Be sure to try the authentic Bánh Mì sandwiches and flavorful Cha Giò spring rolls, which are perfect when paired with their own specialty Vietnamese coffee drinks.

Find More Global Cuisine in Cincinnati

All in all, these restaurants offer the best in global cuisine in Cincinnati.

Best of all, they’re located close to The Drexel at Oakley. So, if you’d like to live in a community that offers easy access to amazing global eateries, contact us. Let us show you how our community can add both luxury and comfort to your life.

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