duke energy convention center

3 Exciting Upcoming Events at the Duke Energy Convention Center

Nestled in downtown Cincinnati is a 750,000 square foot destination known as the¬†Duke Energy Convention Center. Not far from The Drexel at Oakley, it’s easily recognizable as its glistening metal panels gleam alongside Interstate 75, proclaiming the city’s name in fifty-foot tall letters. After a recent renovation, it became known as the Midwest’s best-in-class¬†center, hosting […]

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5 Safety Tips to Follow so You can Enjoy Our Hot Tub

Our Cincinnati apartments with a hot tub provides a great spot to relax, but this spot is not for everyone. We believe that it is is important that you check out the following hot tub safety tips: Never allow an infant or toddler into the hot tub, as their thin skin could cause them to […]

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