5 Safety Tips to Follow so You can Enjoy Our Hot Tub

Cincinnati apartments with a hot tub
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Our Cincinnati apartments with a hot tub provides a great spot to relax, but this spot is not for everyone. We believe that it is is important that you check out the following hot tub safety tips:

  • Never allow an infant or toddler into the hot tub, as their thin skin could cause them to become overheated.
  • Children  should not be permitted in the hot tub until they can stand up straight with their head completely out of the water. If a child is tall enough to sit in the hot tub, the soak should only last 15 minutes in 98 degrees and five minutes in 104 degrees.
  • Do not allow children in or near the hot tub unless you can provide constant supervision.
  • Drink fresh water while soaking. If you feel sleepy, dizzy or sick, exit the hot tub immediately.

We hope you use these hot tub safety tips when relaxing at our Cincinnati apartment community’s spa. You’ll experience the refreshing atmosphere and walk away feeling truly pampered.

If you would like to learn more about our Cincinnati apartments with a hot tub, our team invites you to contact us at The Drexel at Oakley today.

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