Coffee Shops Near The Drexel At Oakley

If you crave your morning cup of joe, you will have no problem living at The Drexel at Oakley. Our apartments are near downtown, which is host to a variety of coffee shops that invite you to sit and relax with a good book or a stack of work. Make yourself at home at one of these excellent coffee shops.

1. BLOC Coffee Company – 3101 Price Avenue

If you love pour-over coffee but also want to enjoy your java with a breakfast sandwich, BLOC is a fantastic place to begin your day. Enjoy a cappucino and hit the books.

2. Collective Espresso – 44 East 6th Street

This coffee shop offers a good, strong cup. The ambiance is futuristic, but you can feel quite cozy sitting at a table. Do you love art in your latte? Collective Espresso has it. If you are here later in the day, you might be able to snag an adult beverage as well.

3. 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab – 1215 Vine Street

Enjoy coffee or wine in a natural, lively setting. You have plenty of drinking choices. Feel free to try the bread and oil as well — it’s delicious! Come for hot espresso in the morning and enjoy other affordable coffee options you will love.

4. Urbana Coffee – 1206 Broadway Street

If you have a craving for an iced coffee drink, this shop has plenty. The mocha is highly recommended, and it contains the perfect amount of foam. One of the biggest compliments about the cafe is that the milk they use is top notch.

Are you interested in living near Downtown Cincinnati? Contact us to learn more about your living options at Drexel at Oakley. You will never be too far from your favorite coffee shops and cafes.


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