Plan A Day Date Close To Home

Whether a leisurely cruise on a historic paddle boat down the Ohio River piques your interest or a thrill seeking adventure on a world-class roller coaster is more your style, day trips from your apartment at The Drexel At Oakley will make your weekends more fun! The Cincinnati area has much to offer only a short distance […]

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Enjoy Frozen Treats Near The Drexel at Oakley

It’s estimated that 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time, but if you’re part of the 13% that doesn’t, you might be looking for a place to enjoy a frozen treat. Don’t worry, there are several great places to indulge in ice cream, frozen yogurt, and more near The Drexel at […]

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Hit the Trail At Ault Park

Is the busy pace of city life getting you down? Sometimes you long for a relaxing walk in a natural setting, but leaving the city can often involve a lot of travel time. Fortunately, the fourth largest park in Cincinnati is only a 2.5 mile bike ride away from The Drexel At Oakley. Full of winding nature trails and […]

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